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Is the Dobermann right for me?

‘ you can have no better friend than a dobermann…just ask anyone who has owned one’


Frequently asked questions


Do they need much exercise?

Yes, once they are 1 year old, at least 60 minutes a day free running and road walking, no exercise (other than getting them used to lead until they are 5 months old, and then 20 minutes road walking a day on the lead.  More than that they require mental stimulation i.e. obedience (you don’t want an unruly 40 kg dog!)  Dobermanns are a working breed and won’t be happy if they are housebound.  They also thrive on routine.  Dobermanns are highly intelligent and if they are left alone all day whilst its owners go work, then I would suggest that this is not the right dog for you as left alone with nothing to do it can become destructive and frustrated.  They need mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation.


Are they good with children?

This breed was bred to protect and guard the family.  If children are taught to be kind and treat animals with respect, then they will be rewarded back with the same.  However, if the dobermann came first and was a baby substitute and is then disregarded in favour of a new baby, jealously will occur!  If your dog is clean then there is no reason why it should not be allowed around a new baby (we use Johnson baby wipes on our dobermanns, and they are always spotless!)  No dog likes to be mauled and jumped on, so if you allow your children to do this to your dog, you shouldn’t own a dog!


Dog or bitch?

If you already have a male dog, then a male dobermann is definitely not for you.  Similarly if you have never had a dobermann, then a male dobermann is also not for you as a young male can be a handful, sometimes deliberately pushing the boundaries and disobeying authority, which is largely due to lack of respect.  Respect and leadership are qualities which a dobermann responds well to, and respect can NOT be earned with physical force.  Bitches are less confrontational and easier to manage, but again, if you buy your dog from a reputable breeder,  there is no such thing as a bad dog, only an uninformed owner.  Any reputable breeder will be on hand to help with any issues.  A character assessment will be carried out on all our litters to best identify the puppy best suited to a person’s individual character.


What health tests should the parents have had done?

We test for VWD (Von Willebrands click HERE to find out more), Eyes (PHPV) and Hips.

Should I see both sire and dam?

Definitely the Dam should be available for you to see and if the Dam is not available for you to see, do not buy from the breeder.  The Sire is not always available as the breeder may not have used their own stud, however, they should be able to give you all the information on the stud dog used.

Nusu Dobes