Nusu Dobes


We, Nick & Heather de Haaff, bought our first dobermann in 1986 from Shongweni, she was a beautiful brown and rust dobermann called Angie, and lived until she was 17 years old! Our love of dobermanns started with her, she was an absolute dream and we all adored her. We put Angie to a dog in Swaziland ‘Mundell kennels’ whose line goes back to 1963, and she produced a litter of 13 puppies, of which we kept one, Angus – who lived until he was 15! Sadly, that was the only litter that Angie produced as she became unwell and we were reluctant to mate her again.

At this stage, I should say that there is something about dobermanns’ that gets under your skin, once you have owned one, there is absolutely no turning back, they are the most loyal, loving breed we know, but they are also incredibly clever, and once you have allowed them onto your bed or couch there is no way you will EVER get them off again, (this gives you a flavour as to how we live in our house, or rather who rules our house).

In 2001 we moved to England and it was there that we bought CH. Jojavik You Dance I Dance of Nusu ‘ZULU’ in 2003, although Heather had come from a home which showed and bred dogs, it was our first venture down that road on our own. We soon found that we really enjoyed the show world and Zulu did us proud, it wasn’t long before we were looking for our next dobermann. In 2005 the phone rang, it was Clive and Nancy Evans from Amazon dobermanns, who have firmly established themselves as the top dobermann breeder in the UK since 1990, they had a special little girl and thought that she would fit into our home quite well, they were right, it wasn’t long before Dean and Heather did the trek across England to Gloucester to fetch CH. Amazon Pussygalore of Nusu, JW, ‘KHALI’, she has such attitude – she has to be the coolest dobermann in the world and we love her! She moved in and took over our home and ZULU!

By 2006 – we had become firm friends with Clive and Nancy, and once again, there was another little girl, whose sire is Pussygalore’s brother, CH. Amazon Coldplay, JW. This time Ché and Heather drove to Gloucester and arrived back with our little ‘blonde’ Amazon Rock me Gently of Nusu, known as Elle Macpherson to all who love and know her. She’s cute, crazy, and not afraid of anything.

In March 2007 – just after CRUFTS – couldn’t possibly have happened before then, we moved back to South Africa, Nick, Heather, Zulu, Khali & Elle, all on the same flight. The morning of 15th march was Zulu’s birthday and the day he became an English dog in South Africa. We landed at Oliver Tambo Airport and drove down to Umhlanga Rocks – what a ball they had on the beach, until 01st April when we finally arrived in Bryanston, which is the official home of NUSU dobermanns.

Nusu Dobes