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NUSU Dobermanns ...

breeding quality not quantity

‘We are not dogs….we are dobermanns’

Nusu Porn Star 'Erin'

Dobermann Club of Natal  - BCC - her 10th!


Breeding quality not quantity....

 04th October 2012 - Molly & Dieter have their first film shoot.  Congratulations our little Nusu Stars, following in wee Elle's footsteps.





I share my life with a Dobermann, a protector and a friend

intelligent and daring, devoted to the end.

so sleek and quick, on constant watch, a dog that earns your praise.

yet with a heart of purest gold, and gentle, loving ways.

so noble and reliable, a winner from the start.

When i saw a Dobermann, i quickly lost my heart

Poet unknown

NUSU dobermanns are more than just our companions, they are our professor's in the subject of life, and we are better people for having them in our lives.

At Nusu our dobermanns combine the very best of blood lines, Zulu, Khali & Elle are UK Imports from top Kennels (Amazon & Jojavik, where both of their results speak for themselves), Erin is home bred, using a very succesful combination, combining the very best of English and European breeding, going back to the famous von Rovelline kennels.  Our dobermanns are bred for show, but primarily always for family companions.  They have a wonderful life and live in our home and not in kennels or cages. They stay with us for the duration of their lives and they are NEVER rehomed because they are not good enough for the show ring, or have reached the end of their show or breeding life. 

We breed sparingly, selectively and conscientiously, for strong, sound, healthy dobermanns and we test for PHPV annually, thyroid and dcm, and all of our breeding stock have 'a' hip scores. Our breeding policy is that all of our dobermanns who live with us are vWD clear and in the interests of the breed, we will only now breed with vWD clear dogs, we will also not lift the breeding ban on any bitches that we have bred who have been tested vWD carriers. We believe that as 99% of puppies end up in purely pet homes that a  good sound character is paramount, bearing in mind the breed standard.  Puppies are placed only in carefully chosen homes, and we maintain that if you own a NUSU dobermann (or a dobermann sired by our stud dogs), we have a responsibility to your puppy for the rest of its life.  If you are interested in owning one of our dobermanns please do not hesitate to contact us.

The breed was developed by its namesake, Louis Dobermann in Apolda, Germany.  He held several jobs including both tax collector and dog catcher.  He determined the traits he wanted in his companion dog, and used the opportunities presented as dog catcher to choose appropriate animals for breeding.  The traits were anything but simple; a night watchman, a dog capable of recognising and responding to threats, alert him to impending danger, and a loyal companion and friend.

It is 27 years since our first brown dobermann took over our lives, and our passion and commitment for the breed knows no ends, they are our beautiful, strong, sleek and elegant loyal friends and companions for life.  Please stay a while and browse our site, we hope that you too will fall in love with this magnificent breed.... The Dobermann


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Nusu Dobermanns of South Africa
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