04th November 2012

Happy 6th birthday to our wee Elle, angel in heaven.

04th October 2012

Good luck to Nusu Dancing Queen, Molly & Nusu Bavarian Dancer, Dieter and the ABSA bank film shoot - Also to Ché & Tracey, their mommys'.

14th August 2012

Happy birthday to our new little veteran, Khali de Haaff -

CH. Amazon Pussygalore of Nusu, jw

we love you Khali

08th August 2012

YAAAAAYYYY - Nusu Dancing Queen - Molly - comes back to Nusu - she is loved and owned by Chris & Ché in Cape Town

15th March 2012

Happy 9th birthday to our Zulu - angel in heaven

10th March 2012

Khali & Elle become 'Film Stars'

04th November 2011

Happy 5th birthday to Elle, Amazon Rock me Gently of Nusu

14th September 2011

Happy 6th birthday to Khali, CH. Amazon Pussygalore of Nusu, jw

the house on which NUSU is built


19th August 2011

Happy 3rd birthday to our 2008 litter, Apollo, Diesel, Logan, Erin, Genevieve, Hayley, Reza & Robyn

14th May 2011 

Northern Tshwane KC

CH. Nusu Porn Star - CC

CH. Nusu Supa Tramp - BOB

thank you to judge Margaret Jones - Canada - for recognising the quality of dogs which we breed at NUSU

10th May 2011

Happy 1st birthday to our 2010 litter -

Dieter, Winters, Greg, Khloe, Rosy, Roxy & Zara

and not forgetting our little RIP 'SHAKA'

26th March 2011

At our first champ show this year - Transvaal Midlands - judge Mr. J. Ford (AUS)

CH. Nusu Porn Star - BRCC

Nusu Bavarian Dancer - BP & CC

15th March 2011

Happy 8th birthday to our beautiful Zulu Warrior boy

11th March 2011

Congratulations to Jojavik Bella Mafia (Zulu's niece) BCC at Crufts

07th November 2010

Western Gauteng Kennel Club - under judge Maryke Coetzee-Pigden

'Khloe' Nusu Rhythm 'n' Dance


way to go Natalie and Khloe Bug


04th November 2010

Happy 4th birthday to Princess Elle Belle - Amazon Rock Me Gently of Nusu


02nd November 2010

Junior Kennel Club

under judge J. MacKenzie - Nusu Bavarian Dancer 'Dieter'  


under judge E. Ashton - Nusu Rhythm'n'Dance 'Khloe' 

2nd Puppy stakes

we are so proud of these two and can't wait for 2011 show season.


06th October 2010


10.05.2010 - 06.10.2010

It is with absolute heavy heart,  that we announce that this morning our beautiful little Nusu Shall we Dance - 'SHAKA', closed his eyes and went to dance with the angels.  Our condolences to Steve, Luan & Jarrod - we couldn't have chosen a better home for Shaka and our thoughts are with you at this time.

14th September 2010

Happy 5th birthday to our very special Hairy Fairy, 'KHALI'. xx


11th September 2010

Ch. Deyana Bootilicious 'Kahlua' has one special little black and tan boy - Sire: Gaindyke Emporio.

21st August 2010

Goldfields KC - under judge Mr. Mick Svaljik (Australia) the NUSU girls do it again - Robyn CC & Erin RCC

19th August 2010

Happy 2nd birthday to our fabulous 2008 Hugo Boss/Khali litter - Apollo, Diesel, Logan, Erin, Genevieve, Hayley, Reza & Robyn.

and thank you to Mason & Lara, Andre & Lindsay, Retha, Graham & Sherri and Ian & Rose for giving them all such wonderful, stable homes.

11th August 2010

Nusu Dobermanns is proud to announce that we have two dobermanns in the Animal Talk Top 100 - Erin is number 55 - her litter sister is number 91.


22nd July 2010

Show dogs advert


05th July 2010

NUSU Rhythm 'n' Dance - KHLOE - goes to her new home.  Thank you to Johan and Natalie for having her.  Zulu and Khali & the NUSU team, would like to wish Khloe and Natalie success and fun in the show ring.

03rd & 04th July 2010

Durban weekend

The Dobermann Club of Natal - under judge Rob Forsythe (SA)

CH. NUSU PORN STAR gets her 10th CC (all under 2 years of age!)

Pietermaritzburg KC - under judge Neil Kay (SA)


another fabulous weekend for our little Erin Star.

22nd june 2010


Nusu Rhythm 'n' Dance


Khloe will be owned, loved and shown by

Johan & Natalie van Zyl.


19th June 2010

Working and Herding Golden Reef - judge Mr. H. Richards (UK) 

the NUSU team does it again.

CH. Jojavik You Dance I Dance of Nusu


CH. Nusu Porn Star - CC (her 9th!) & RBOB


10th may 2010

Khali has 8 beautiful puppies, 4 boys and 4 girls all black and tan.  This Zulu x Khali combination combines very best of english lines along with some of the more influential european lines.

Both Zulu and Khali are vWD clear, PHPV clear, and have excellent 'a' hip scores.


13th June 2010

this litter is an exceptionally even litter, with loads of bone and wonderful forechests.  at 4.5 weeks this little boy is certainly living up to expectations.



KWAZULU Natal weekend - 30th april - 02nd May

30.04.10 - Natal W&H - judge S. Wilburg (UK)

Erin CC & BOB & WG3

01.05.10 - Highway KC - judge C. Jarmen (SA)

Erin CC

02.05.10 - Natal Coast KC - judge A. Wight (UK)

Kahlua - BOB

Robyn - CC



24th April 2010 - Eastern Districts KC

under judge Philip John (India)

The Nusu Team and CH. Amazon Pussygalore of Nusu, jw, are absolutely delighted to announce that our special little Erin Star,

Nusu Porn Star

 has attained her champion status. 

At the same show, Logan, her litter brother, did a double act ....

Nusu Pic.a.Fight CC & RBOB.

A huge thank you to Mr. Philip John for recognising the special qualities that these two have and to Retha Coetzee for keeping Logan in such wonderful show condition.




ZULU/Khali 2010 litter

our puppies are raised in our home, with 24 hour love and care.

Nusu Bavarian Dancer - Martin Wust & Tracey Lishman

 Nusu Gigolo - Jacob & Ann van Niekerk

* RIP* 10.05.2010 - 06.10.2010 - Nusu Shall we Dance - Steve, Luan & Jarrod Fernandes

Nusu Winters Dance - Alex Barrios & Ineke Prinsloo

Nusu Dancing Queen - John & Vivianne Garzouzie

Nusu Life's a Dance - Connie & Sophie von der Heyden

Nusu Private Dancer - Bennie & Lianie Lombard

Nusu Rhythm'n'Dance - Johan & Natalie van Zyl


KHALI with her 2008 litter

  • Nusu Riff Raff - Mason & Lara Hill

  •  Nusu Pic.a.fight - Retha Coetzee
  • Nusu Candyman - Andre & Lindsay van Staden
  • Nusu Porn Star - Nick & Heather de Haaff
  • Nusu Geisha Girl
  • Nusu Show Girl - Graeme & Sherri Eddey
  • Nusu Supa Tramp 
  • Nusu Bond Girl - Ian & Rose Gedye




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